• Lecture 1: Shihab A Shamma, Maryland
    "Adaptive neural processing during aversive and appetitive behaviors"
  • Lecture 2: Randy Gallistel, Rutgers, NJ
    "Memory and the computational brain"
  • Lecture 3: Angela Kolodziej, Magdeburg
    "Auditory Learning in rodents with appetitive and aversive reinforcers"
  • Lecture 4: Hagai Bergman, Jerusalem
    "Information processing in the critic-actor networks of the basal ganglia"
  • Lecture 5: Christian Büchel, Hamburg
    " Prediction Errors in Human Learning"
  • Lecture 6: Andreas Papassotiropoulos, Basel
    "Genetics of human memory: From physiology to disease"
  • Lecture 7: Thomas Münte, Lübeck
    "Neuroimaging approaches to study functional and structural changes in neurodegeneration"
  • Lecture 8: Emrah Düzel, Magdeburg
    "Functional Phenotyping of Successful Aging in Long-Term Memory"
  • Lecture 9: André Fischer, Göttingen
    "The epigenome of neuropsychiatric diseases"
  • Lecture 10: Lennart Mucke, San Francisco
    "Mechanisms Underlying Cognitive Deficits in Models of Alzheimer´s Disease"
  • Lecture 11: Hans-Jürgen Matthies Honorary Lecture
    Ivan Izquierdo, Porto Alegre
    " Memory Persistence"
  • Lecture 12: Erin Schuman, Frankfurt
    "Local Control at Synapses"
  • Lecture 13: Bong-Kiun Kaang, Seoul
    "Role of PI3K in synaptic plasticity and memory"
  • Lecture 14: Ronald L. Davis, Houston
    "Memory traces of Drosophila olfactory learning"
  • Lecture 15: EunJoon Kim, Daejeon
    "Roles of Rac 1-regulatory proteins in synaptic plasticity and learning and memory"
  • Lecture 16: Kobi Rosenblum, Haifa
    " Protein A vailability in the Cortex and Memory Consolidation: The Taste Case "
  • Lecture 17: Ingrid Ehrlich, Tübingen
    "Learning induced plasticity in the amygdala"
  • Lecture 18: Amy Milton, Cambridge"CS-drug memory reconsolidation and the prevention of relapse"
  • Lecture 19: Rainer Spanagel, Mannheim
    "Alcoholism: A Systems Approach from Genes to Addictive Behaviour"
  • Lecture 20: Kerstin Krauel, Magdeburg
    "Reward-dependent learning in children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder"
  • Lecture 21: Andreas Heinz, Berlin
    "Neurobiology of reward systems: relevance for learning, addiction and psychosis"
  • Lecture 22: Wayne Sossin, Montreal
    "Translational control during memory; how the translational apparatus is tuned to produce distinct proteins from different inputs"
  • Lecture 23: Daisuke Okada, Tokyo
    "Input-specific spine entry of soma-derived Vesl-1S protein conforms to synaptic tagging"
  • Lecture 24: Arvind Govindarjan, Boston
    "The dendritic branch is a unit of storage for long-term memory engrams"
  • Lecture 25: Maria C. Martinez, Buenos Aires
    "Bringing synaptic tagging into behavior"
  • Lecture 26: Dorothee Heipertz, Magdeburg
    "Behavioral tagging in humans: Enhancement of memory in the context of novelty"
  • Lecture 27: Nelson Spruston, Evanston
    "The role of backpropagating action potentials and dendritic spikes in the induction of LTP at synapses on hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons"
  • Lecture 28: Elke Edelmann, Magdeburg
    "Stimulation paradigms inducing STDP in CA1: potential roles for dopamine and BDNF"
  • Lecture 29: Andreas Draguhn, Heidelberg
    "Definition of hippocampal cell assemblies"
  • Lecture 30: Dietmar Schmitz, Berlin
    "Role of PRG-1 in synaptic transmission and epilepsy"
  • Lecture 31: Thomas Klausberger, London
    "Theta oscillations in the medial prefrontal cortex"

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