Welcome to the XII. Magdeburg International Neurobiological Symposium "Learning and Memory: Cellular and Systemic Views" to be held 04. - 08. September 2010 at Herrenkrug Hotel Magdeburg, Germany.

After the great success in 2005 with more than 230 participants from 14 countries, 29 marvellous lectures about all aspects of learning and memory and 70 posters illustrating the complex issue from very different sides the Organizing Committee is looking forward to meeting you again in Magdeburg this year.

We hope for another colorful mixture of diverse approaches to study the phenomenon of learning and memory formation from flies to man, from molecules to memory concepts, and from LTP to Alzheimer's Disease. The stimulating spirit of sharing concepts and ideas will make this years' conference another very special event.

Program Committee

  • Julietta Frey
  • Emrah Düzel
  • Eckart Gundelfinger
  • Volker Höllt
  • Volkmar Leßmann
  • Thomas Münte
  • Frank Ohl
  • Henning Scheich
  • Ariel Schoenfeld
  • Constanze Seidenbecher
  • Oliver Stork

6 Sessions:

  • Late Associativity
  • Reward & Punishment in Learning
  • Molecular Memory Concepts
  • Spike-Timing- and Oscillation-Dependent Plasticity
  • Physiology and Pathology of Learning
  • Neurodegeneration and Learning

2 Evening Lectures:

  • Public Lecture by Prof. Christian Haass, München (in German)
  • Hans-Jürgen Matthies Honorary Lecture by Ivan Izquierdo, Porto Alegre

Download program and abstracts Download program and abstracts

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