Mo, Feb. 23

Opening Lecture

Martin Korte <br />(Braunschweig)
Martin Korte
"Wie lernt der Mensch heute? Anmerkungen eines Hirnforschers"

Tue, Feb. 24

Matthies Honorary Lecture:

György Buzsáki (New York)
György Buzsáki (New York)
"Emergence of cognition from action"


09.00 - 12.30:

1. Session "Circuits"

Albert Cardona (Janelia)
Albert Cardona (Janelia)
"Neural circuits for learning and memory reconstructed from electron microscopy"
Jacky Schiller (Haifa)
Jacky Schiller (Haifa)
"Processing and plasticity in tuft dendrites of layer V pyramidal neurons in rat somatosensory cortex"
Pico Caroni<br /> (Basel)
Pico Caroni
"Circuit mechanisms of memory consolidation and retrieval"
Simon Rumpel<br />(Wien)
Simon Rumpel
"Dynamics of cortical circuits and the formation of memories"
Michele Migliore<br />(Palermo)
Michele Migliore
"Learning and memory of odors in the olfactory bulb system through the self-organization of the mitral-granule cells synaptic network: a large scale 3D model study"



14.30 - 18.00:
2. Session "Working Memory & Attention"

Edward Awh<br /> (U Oregon)
Edward Awh
(U Oregon)
"Oscillatory building blocks of storage in visual working memory"
Ed Vogel<br />(U Oregon)
Ed Vogel
(U Oregon)
"The contribution of attentional lapses to individual differences in working memory capacity"
Barry Giesbrecht<br />(UC Santa Barbara)
Barry Giesbrecht
(UC Santa Barbara)
"Both attention and long-term memory contribute to visual search cued by context"
Max Hopf<br />(Magdeburg)
Max Hopf
"Neural mechanisms of global feature‐based attention"
Kia Nobre<br />(Oxford)
Kia Nobre
"Dynamic modulation of visual short-term memory by attention"


Wed, Feb. 25

09.00 - 12.30:
3. Session "Hebbian vs. homeostatic plasticity"

Alain Prochiantz<br />(Paris)
Alain Prochiantz
"The traveling transcription factor that regulates cerebral cortex plasticity"
Yukiko Goda<br />(RIKEN)
Yukiko Goda
"Balancing synaptic strengths across the dendritic tree"
Nathalie Rouach<br />(Paris)
Nathalie Rouach
"Unraveling unconventional role for astroglial connexins in synaptic strength and memory"
Antony Koleske <br />(Yale)
Antony Koleske
"Adhesive and cystoskeletal control of dendrite and dendritic spine stability"
Anna Fejtová<br />(Magdeburg)
Anna Fejtová
"Homeostatic regulation of neurotransmission by fast-acting antidepressant ketamine"
Sajikumar Sreedharan<br />(Singapore)
Sajikumar Sreedharan
"Enhancing or erasing memory through synaptic co-operation and competition"

14.30 - 18.00:
4. Session "Memory Dysfunction"

Magdalena Sauvage<br />(Bochum)
Magdalena Sauvage
"New evidence for segregated spatial and non-spatial hippocampal subnetworks"
Anne Maas (Magdeburg)
Anne Maas (Magdeburg)
"Ultrahigh field imaging of the functional organization of human long-term memory and its plasticity in old age"
Thomas Wolbers<br />(Magdeburg)
Thomas Wolbers
"Spatial computations in the aging brain – a unique window into age-related memory disorders"
Masud Husain <br />(Oxford)
Masud Husain
"Forgetting over seconds"
William Jagust<br />(Berkeley)
William Jagust
"Protein aggregation and neural function in the aging brain"

Thu, Feb. 26

09.00 - 12.30:
5. Session "Memory motivation, dopamine"

Daniel Durstewitz <br />(Mannheim)
Daniel Durstewitz
"Learning as active decision making and strategy selection"
Christopher Fiorillo <br />(Daejeon)
Christopher Fiorillo
"The Role of Dopamine and Other Modulatory Signals in Learning Value"
Marta Zlatic <br />(Janelia)
Marta Zlatic
"Towards a complete circuit for aversive conditioning from sensory inputs to motor outputs"
Onur Güntürkün<br />(Bochum)
Onur Güntürkün
"The neural basis of extinction learning in birds"
Philippe Tobler <br />(Zürich)
Philippe Tobler
"The neural basis of social reinforcement learning in humans"

14.30 - 18.00:
6. Session "Molecular Mechanisms of Memory Management"

Sheena Josselyn <br />(Toronto)
Sheena Josselyn
"Making, breaking and linking fear memories"
Alexander Dityatev<br />(Magdeburg)
Alexander Dityatev
"New functions of extracellular matrix in neural plasticity"
Timothy Bredy <br />(UC Irvine)
Timothy Bredy
(UC Irvine)
"Epitranscriptomic mechanisms of memory stability"
Andre Fischer <br />(Göttingen)
Andre Fischer
"Epigenetic Memory in health and disease: How much Lamarck is in our brain?"
Max Happel <br />(Magdeburg)
Max Happel
"Cognitive learning enhancement by controlled modulation of the extracellular matrix in cortical circuits"


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